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Glowing colours and delicate images of butterflies, flowers, and dragonflies set the tone for the Bejewelled collection from Kelly Lane. And that tone is all about the light, peace, freshness, and calmness emitted by semi-precious stones.

The wings of colourful insects team with the delicate petals of flowers like hydrangeas and wisteria in the collection’s images, and will then project these wonderful feelings into your home. Revel in the regal colours of amethyst, tourmaline, zircon, sapphire and turquoise which are used by the designers in the flowers, and the wings of the insects that visit them, which form borders on plaques and photo-frames.

Then marvel at how the same designers transform these delicate creatures and frilly blooms into fine examples of metal wall art, without losing any of the delicacy in the process. Feel your spirit rise as you imagine snuggling against the soft cushions in our collection, or enjoying living with one of the delicate floral paintings which form part of the range of wall art, homeware, kitchenware and decorative items.

You can order these items online for as long as stock of this once-off collection lasts.